3. Web Development for Beginners

Build a strong software development foundation and learn how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various libraries to create fully-functional web apps. This course guides our novice developers toward developing a well-rounded foundation of skills necessary for modern web development. These skills include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding.

*Define the structure of a web page utilizing the semantic hierarchical structural conventions of HTML5.
*Apply CSS and HTML to implement page layout styles including grid, fluid, and responsive techniques; and to style content with color, typography, and images.
*Utilize Javascript to make web projects interactive, such that user input is stored and processed to create updated and personalized content when a user interacts with a page.

*64-bit Operating System, like macOS, Ubuntu or Windows 10 Pro.
*Fully up to date, with the latest version of the operating system and all security updates installed
*At least 50GB of free space on the hard drive
*At least 8GB of RAM. 16GB RAM strongly preferred
*Free of viruses, Zoom-ready (reliable webcam and microphone), and in general working order

*JavaScript - MDN Web docs

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