3 Tips For Picking High-Ticket Niches For Web Design

How to build a Solution First Agency:

Everybody knows that to get more leads at higher prices for web design and digital marketing you need to specialize in something. This is especially true for professional web designers now because a bunch of beginners have entered the market over the last couple of years. These beginners are offering the same services (at least by name) as you are and it's driving the price down for traditional web design agencies.

The answer is to pick a good niche and specialize in serving clients in that space. If you do that, I can virtually guarantee you'll get more leads at higher prices and you'll avoid the headache clients - you know, those stressful "pixel pusher" clients who try to micro-manage everything you do.

00:00 - Web Design & Digital Marketing Niches
00:35 - Easy Niches
01:50 - Is your niche too broad?
02:50 - Fake Niches
04:00 - Defining The Solution
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