#27 - OpenAI’s New Embeddings API Endpoint, InstructGPT Announcement (Fine Tuning Research)

Welcome back to Multimodal!  We start off the podcast by talking about the current tense global geopolitical situation, the decline of google search results (and the GPT-3 opportunity as a result of this), OpenAI's new Embeddings API Endpoint, and the InstructGPT announcement which has significant implications for the language model space.

In this episode, I discuss a few topics:
00:00 - Intro
02:15 - Tense Geopolitical Situation between the USA, Russia, and Ukraine
08:14 - Why I sometimes use GPT-3 instead of Google Search
15:19 - OpenAI's New Embeddings API Endpoint
21:07 - InstructGPT Announcement, Fine Tuning Research

2022 Predictions Article:
Tweet about Google Search results:
OpenAI's embeddings endpoint:
Sam Altman Tweet about the future of search:
Instruct GPT announcement:

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