24HofUX 2021 - 4 UX MISTAKE YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE MAKING | Sophia Prater

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"There’s a simple trick to making your UX more naturally intuitive: make the things in your digital system more recognizable to users. Thanks to a couple million years of evolution in the physical world, objects in meatspace are pretty easy to recognize. But how often do we enter into digital environments and struggle to identify the meaningful, valuable, and relevant stuff? In this talk, we will learn to fix four anti-patterns that impact object identification." - Sophia Prater

0:00 - Intro

1:56 - Presentation Start
4:53 - What is "Object-Oriented UX"?
12:29 - MISTAKE 1: Masked Objects
23:43 - MISTAKE 2: Isolated Objects
32:37 - MISTAKE 3: Broken Objects
39:51 - MISTAKE 4: Shape Shifter Objects
50:13 - How to get better?

57:23 - Q&A
58:45 - What's the best way to teach this to non-UXers?
1:01:46 - Are there any similarities between "Object-Oriented" UX and Developpement?
1:07:50 - Do you think Shaper Shifter Objects are intentionally used as Dark Patterns?
1:13:46 - Additional details about Mental Models


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Get in touch with Sophia: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophiav


Speaker: Sophia Prater
Host: Johannes Lehner
Co-Host: Jesse Anton

Music by Gwen Buord

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