201 - Web Design Pricing (How Much to Charge, How to Raise Rates and More) with Shannon Mattern

Ep. 201 - How much does a website cost?

I bet you get that question from clients weekly, right? I know I sure did.

I learned to tell clients that question is like asking “how much does a car cost?” or “how much does a house cost?”

There are so many variables to it and I think that’s why it’s so tricky for web designers to determine pricing.

Add on top of that, your mindset of money. Which is what is most common in keeping web designers from building a profitable business.

So to help on all fronts, I’m so excited to bring one of my new best friends (and complete competition to me), web designer business coach Shannon Mattern to share her thoughts on web design pricing and the mindset of raising rates confidently, pricing so you can have a profitable business, weeding out cheap clients and much more.

This is a conversation I wish I would’ve heard early in my web design career! And even if you’re more established, hopefully this is a kick in the pants to raise those rates!

In This Episode

00:00 - introduction
03:43 - Greeting to Shannon
07:36 - Self-taught to burn-out
13:08 - Business coach advice
16:06 - Mindset shift
18:45 - Charge for experience
20:51 - Faster = more profitable
25:20 - Helping others
28:22 - Golden handcuffs
30:36 - Finding the sweet spot
31:48 - Do it scared
34:04 - Client’s wallets
37:13 - Rule of 10x
39:13 - Appropriate verbiage
43:35 - Control the variables
52:47 - Bringing clients in
59:30 - Price increase coping
1:01:36 - Websites as commodities
1:06:59 - Financial goals
1:12:39 - Planning ahead
1:22:34 - Control the timeline
1:29:29 - Final thoughts

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