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We gave two furniture designers with different personal styles one day to transform the same mass-market vanity from The Home Depot, turning a basic table and mirror into something way more personalized and expressive. Designer Leonard Bessemer describes his style as sculptural and irreverent while Alex Hsu calls his work thoughtful and colorful - but whose upscaled vanity would fit most comfortably in your home?

More of Leonard's work can be found at: http://www.objectsforobjects.com
More of Alex's work can be found at: http://www.alexhsudesign.com

Images of Alex's previous work courtesy of Sienna Smith and Sam Jackson.
Images of Leonard’s previous work, courtesy of Leonard Bessemer.

Special thanks to LA Woodshop for hosting us while filming with Alex. LA Woodshop is a space for classes, scholarships, and community to support woodworkers and the craft of woodworking. Check out there offerings here: https://lawoodshop.com/

Director: Meg Sutton
Director of Photography: Brody Anderson
Editor: Shandor Garrison
Starring: Leonard Bessemer & Alex Hsu

Senior Producer: Alyssa Marino, Vara Reese
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Landrie Hatcher
Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi
Production & EQ Coordinator: Peter Brunette
Production Coordinator: Carol Wachockier
Casting Producer: Vanessa Brown

Camera Operator: Cooper James
Sound Mixer: Will Miller
Production Assistant: Phillip Arliss

Photographer: Chase Lewis

Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Jarrod Bruner
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Additional Editor: Paul Tael
Assistant Editor: Diego Rentsch

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Part I - Designing
1:37 Part II - Building
9:32 Part III - Unveiling

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