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Looking to jump start your career as a web designer or developer? Due to the popularity of WordPress, there is a high demand for WordPress products and services. If you love working on WordPress, then you can make some real money out of your passion.
Many WordPress based business has launched and succeeded in recent years. Here we will explore various WordPress business ideas for developers that have been tested and proven to be successful. We’ll discuss in detail the process, mode of operation and challenges of each business idea.
Number#1: WordPress Design and Development
If you are good at something, then you can probably make money by offering your services. In this case, you can make money by offering your skills to set up WordPress websites. Whether you’re a WordPress designer or code developer, you will always find a client willing to pay for your services. The key here is to find the right clients and agencies who are in need of your help. Various freelancing sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork can be a good place for mining clients. Based on your skill level, you can charge an hourly rate or a flat project fee to your clients.
A lot of the work for your clients will be for setting up WordPress sites and installing a premium theme. A good approach to is sign up for a WordPress Theme Package from one of many premium theme developers that gives you developer access to their entire bundle of premium themes, usually at the cost of 1-2 themes. For that you get an unlimited license to access and install these premium themes on as many domains as you want without paying each time, increasing your revenue dramatically.
For example here is a freelancer from Algeria making $30,000 with WordPress web design, which is the equivalent of 18 million fcfa.
Number #2: WordPress Themes Sales
Selling WordPress themes is another potentially very profitable route. The good thing about this business is you can resell the same theme again and again and thus generate recurring income. You will need to maintain a very high standard of quality in your theme to compete in the market. You should be able to deliver pixel perfect design, well-written code, full documentation, support and maintenance to your clients.
You can either open your independent theme shop or submit your theme to well-known theme marketplaces like Theme Forest. Owning your own shop comes with the extra responsibility of building an eCommerce site and generating traffic to it. The good thing about it is that you can keep all the money you make with sales.
The upside with selling on popular theme marketplaces is the massive amount of free exposure you’ll automatically get. They do the work of marketing and advertising for you.
A good strategy is to start by selling on theme marketplaces, then transition to your own ecommerce site as you gain traction and brand awareness.
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