#176 - Meet Nicola Toledo, Webflow & Web Developer working with a million-dollar startup!

Join us for Community Day and meet Nicola Toledo! Nicola is a freelance Webflow developer with more than 6 years of experience in web development, working with million-dollar startup and leading agencies around the world. Be sure to tune in and ask questions to Nicola in real-time!


00:27 Stream starts
00:36 Who is Nicola?
04:39 Nico's Story - Self-taught learner
10:32 Nico's work - Witor's website
13:03 First project with Webflow
15:59 What made you do the change?
20:33 Key strengths and qualities
21:30 Selling Webflow as a platform
24:09 Grown as a professional because of teaching
26:45 Push yourself out of your comfort zone
28:27 How do you approach big companies?
34:44 Selecting projects process
41:41 Discovery process to qualify clients
44:03 "Riches are in the Niches"
46:30 Challenges & next steps
48:07 Kudos from Joe to Nico - Non-native English speaker
55:08 Balance between humor and professionalism
59:05 Community conversation
1:01:53 Thanks for watching!



Nicola's YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCroIMCEmCt5e8bFXpozknBw
Website - https://nicolatoledo.dev
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ntoledev
Witor's - https://www.witors.it/it
Unobravo - https://www.unobravo.com

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