#128 - Does this title matter?

When growing a business, it is important to measure the things that matter... But how do you know what matters unless you measure everything?

In this episode we will talk about how to measure the things that matter most when it comes to turning your Webflow hobby into a full time business. We will discuss the things that might distract you along the way and how best to channel your energy in order to separate yourself from the competition.

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0:00 Stream starts
3:20 Announcements
9:25 Disclaimers
11:40 Audience Prompt - What do you like to measure in order to keep yourself productive?
13:40 KPI’s, OKR’s & WTF’s???
14:30 Early Finsweet days
16:50 KPIs vs. OKRs
19:00 Is this for bigger teams?
20:17 Know the language
24:28 Measure what matters to you
28:00 Things you might want to measure
29:50 What about happiness?
32:56 Happiness - Self-Awareness
36:32 It’s not just the balance sheet
41:22 Transition to becoming a Webflow Pro
43:37 Survival mode
45:10 Invest in yourself
48:36 MRR Trend
52:09 Health is fuel
56:10 So... does the title matter?
57:23 LOA’s
1:02:50 Activities to help reach your goals
1:04:06 It’s okay to keep it simple!
1:05:22 Back to the key question at hand
1:10:15 Thanks for watching!

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Difference between KPI and OKR - https://www.whatmatters.com/resources/difference-between-okr-kpi



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