#123 - What's the best CMS for building websites in 2022?

Tuesday we discussed the competitive landscape as it relates to modern content management systems (CMS). Unfortunately we ran out of time before getting a chance to explore the competition in any detail.

In this stream we will run through the evolution of the modern CMS and explore a number of top CMS competitors to Webflow while reviewing their positioning statements, feature sets, and pricing structures.


0:00 Stream starts
0:25 Overview
1:30 Disclaimer 1
3:45 Flowchella Tomorrow
4:40 Webflow + Mental health next Tuesday
6:05 Live Trivia next week
8:15 Disclaimer 2
10:03 Audience Prompt
10:44 What is a CMS?
14:30 CMS Showdown
17:00 Does WordPress today = Blackberry circa 2011?
19:40 Cost of early websites
21:30 WordPress sets the stage for CMS growth
24:25 Coding on paper???
25:21 SquareSpace, Wix & Weebly emerge
28:45 CMS go headless - Circa 2016
35:30 Frontend as a Service
36:26 Raymmar’s advice on losing focus
37:55 Joe & Raymmar chat about MySpace
39:25 Finsweet community growing!
40:13 Chesterton's Fence
46:00 Ecommerce goes mainstream
48:00 Show me the money
49:00 Joe & Raymmar talk empathy
50:55 F'in Pro prices going up
51:27 Xano challenges Airtable
53:36 CMS Marketshare
59:22 Honorable mentions - CMS
1:04:16 No-code starts to mature
1:05:17 Community Conversation
1:11:02 What the next 5 years might bring
1:15:00 Growth of Finsweet community
1:19:25 Mental health + Webflow May 24
1:20:10 Trivia Thursday May 26

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