#122 - Is Webflow the right solution for your next web design project?

People have faith in Webflow for basic landing pages and simple websites, but is Webflow a legit contender for enterprise projects or high performance teams? What about ecommerce, blogs, marketplaces, etc?

In this episode we will discuss Webflow's strengths as well as it's weaknesses and spend some time chatting with our live audience to determine whether or not Webflow is the right fit for your next web design project.

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0:00 Stream starts
1:00 Overview
3:00 F’in Pro Announcement
4:56 Pro Dashboard Announcement
6:12 Flowchella Announcement
7:20 Disclaimer 1
7:46 Disclaimer 2
9:17 Audience Prompt
14:08 Let’s review the current web design landscape
19:02 Community Conversation - WordPress, Webflow, competition, and more
1:11:05 Trivia next week announcement

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Historical trends in CMS usage over years - https://w3techs.com/technologies/history_overview/content_management/all/y



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