12 graphic design trends for 2022

99designs by Vista has compiled some of the most inspiring graphic design trends helping bring brands to life in 2022: https://99designs.com/blog/trends/graphic-design-trends/

Nostalgia reigns supreme in 2022, and these predictions from our global community of professional freelance designers show how the creative world is reviving design styles from across the decades.

While there's comfort in turning back the clock and escaping to the past, brands and creators are also moving on from a difficult two years by embracing a playful, experimental approach – breaking the mold by remixing old with new in entirely unique ways.

Imagine how boring life would be if everything stayed the same. This year's design trends are anything but boring, so let's take a look at how the designers of 2022 are shaping the visual landscape for brands and businesses around the world.

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