#117 - F'in Recount! 1, 2, Skip a few... 99, 100

As is often the case in tech, things change, and we adapt on the fly. So this episode we’re going to spend some time explaining why we’re changing how we count and number our episodes as well as explaining why we’re adapting our approach to live streams in general after so many episodes. We’ll talk about what’s next for the stream, why being flexible and allowing for change is important, and share some long-term goals for where this is all headed.

As always we will answer live questions from the crowd and allow you all to control the conversation in real-time. So stop in and say hi!

Let’s F’in Grow!

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00:00 - Livestream starts
01:55 - Overview
02:37 - Show & Tell Announcement
04:37 - Flowchella Announcement
05:37 - Cloneable by Tyler Hughey
06:24 - Manage Client Billing clients in Airtable
07:17 - TOC Sneak Peak Announcement
10:04 - Disclaimer 1
10:45 - Disclaimer 2
12:46 - Audience prompt
13:14 - A new way to count
14:27 - Reason 1
15:18 - Reason 2
15:54 - Reason 3
16:52 - Reason 4
17:29 - Reason 5
19:18 - Live Q&A
54:30 - TOC Sneak Peak
01:13:23 - No stream Thursday Announcement

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Show & Tell Monday May 9th https://show-and-tell.webflow.io/
Video from last month event https://youtu.be/y9DN_y0dtI0

Flowchella events May 13th and 20th https://www.eurecah.com/the-webflow-fest

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Tomorrow - manage client billing clients in Airtable https://youtu.be/AieT5LnR76Q


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