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[Day 1]
Welcome to This Course! 00:00:04
What Is "Web Development" & How Does The Web Work? 00:01:13
The Three Key Programming Languages 00:09:03
How The Web Works: A Deep Dive 00:14:25
The 100 Days of Code Challenge! 00:22:33
How To Get The Most Out Of This Course 00:26:24
Stuck in the Course? We Got you Covered! 00:30:03
Module Introduction 00:33:27
How to Create a Website 00:35:50
Creating our First HTML Page 00:41:10

[Day 2]
Setting Up a Development Environment 00:49:38
Why Visual Studio Code? 01:01:05
Understanding HTML Elements 01:03:11
Which HTML Elements Exist? 01:09:13
Adding Another HTML Element 01:16:29
Exploring HTML Attributes 01:23:53
Getting Started with CSS 01:28:26
More CSS Styling 01:34:44

[Day 3]
Working with Colors 01:37:23
Formatting our Code 01:45:39
Working with the Browser Developer Tools 01:49:55
Adding a Link 01:56:08
You can Nest HTML Elements! 02:02:48
Using Global CSS Styles 02:05:07
The HTML Document Skeleton & Metadata 02:12:56
Visual Studio Code Shortcuts & Tricks 02:20:32
First Summary 02:28:21

[Day 4]
Styling the Anchor Element Also with Pseudo Hover 02:34:46
Why it's Called Cascading Style Sheets 02:39:40
Storing CSS Code in External Files 02:42:05
The Void Element Syntax 02:48:28
Multiple Files & Requests 02:49:51
Selecting Single Elements with the ID Selector 02:55:58
Working with "font-size" and "px" 03:01:37
Using Other Fonts from Google Fonts 03:06:52

[Day 5]
Adding an Image 03:15:05
Styling the Image & Using the Body Tag 03:19:57
Styling the Overall Page Background 03:27:45
Adding a Second HTML File 03:29:44
A Challenge for You! 03:35:19
Challenge Solution 03:37:50
Using a Shared CSS File 03:44:54
Organizing Source Files in Folders 03:49:39
Summary 03:52:50

[Day 6]
Module Introduction 03:56:44
Using the Live Server Extension 03:58:44
Understanding Lists 04:02:23
Creating Lists 04:07:25
Understanding Parents, Children, Containers & More 04:15:26
Understanding Cascading, Inheritance & Specificity 04:24:10
Styling the Full Week Page 04:32:12

[Day 7]
Introducing the CSS Box Model 04:38:32
Using the CSS Box Model 04:45:39
Creating HTML Layouts 04:54:30
Theory: Selectors & Combinators 05:01:52
Using Selectors & Combinators 05:06:01
Understanding Classes 05:16:45
Block vs Inline Elements 05:23:08

[Day 8]
Styling Differences Between Block & Inline Elements 05:31:30
Understanding Margin Collapsing 05:40:46
The "box-shadow" Property 05:45:29
Your Challenge! 05:51:54
Creating the HTML Layout 05:53:37
Styling the Main Section 05:58:06
Styling Images & Working with Negative Margins 06:03:44
Finishing Touches 06:09:00
Module Summary 06:13:08


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