10 Principles of Design: The Pocket Guide | Design Trends of 2022 | Trends in Design for 2022

10 Principles of Design: The Pocket Guide (+ Examples)

If we want to create beautiful designs, we need to know what the principles of design are. Art and graphic design share the same design principles, and learning how to use them can help us improve our work.

In this article, we present you with a list of design principles, giving you a better understanding of how they work and why they matter.

And we also provide you with plenty of beautiful design examples, to illustrate the main points.

The 10 Principles of Design: Overview
1. Alignment
2. Hierarchy and Emphasis
3. Contrast
4. Scale and Proportion
5. Proximity
6. Balance
7. Color and Pattern
8. Space
9. Movement
10. Harmony (Unity)

Design Principles: The Pocket Guide + Illustrations

The fundamentals of design must be understood if we are to produce visually appealing work. The design concepts that apply to both art and graphic design might be used in our job to enhance our quality.In this post, we’ll go over some of the most important design concepts and explain how and why they’re important.are also many gorgeous design samples to demonstrate the major ideas that we present for you.
10 Principles of Design: The Pocket Guide | Design Trends of 2022 | Trends in Design for 2022
In the field of graphic design, alignment is crucial.
Alignment is the first design concept we’ll go through.

Is it better to arrange things in a logical order or not?
The term “alignment” refers to the relationship between distinct aspects of a design. However, don’t overlook the possibility of purposefully disrupting the alignment in order to attract attention!
Makes it easier to keep track of things and prevents clutter.
If your design isn’t aligned, it will seem unorganized, jumbled, and crowded. Look at this poster, for example. The designer had hoped to add some movement to the piece, but now practically nothing is aligned. Consequently, the spectator becomes disoriented as a consequence of the moving lines.
Scanability is improved
You should pay attention to alignment since it helps direct the eye and make the material easier to read. Here’s an illustration showing how the material is neatly organized into several aligned columns:

Establishes a link between the various components and a feeling of cohesion
An important function of alignment in design is that it connects the many elements of your design. In this case, even though we cannot understand the text, the alignment helps us navigate. There’s no ambiguity about which image goes with whatever section of text.
Achieved using a grid, center, and edge alignment
A grid is commonly used as a framework for arranging the many elements in a design. Premade grid arrangements are common in design tools, making it easy to go right into the creative process. Although the grid isn’t visible in the finished product, the alignment it creates is undeniably apparent:

It is possible to have a centered or edge-to-edge alignment. It’s common for a designer to choose one of them to arrange the many aspects. The following is an example:

We’ve now covered the essentials of the alignment principle, so let’s have a look at some additional eye-catching examples:

The Hierarchy of Graphic Design
Hierarchy is the next fundamental of design, and it’s important to remember this. Hierarchy refers to the way elements of a design are arranged in terms of their relative size and color in order to convey their relative significance.

Choosing which design components to highlight and which to “hide” is essentially the same.
In art and design, hierarchy is an essential notion because it helps the observer concentrate and directs his or her attention.

Hierarchy and emphasis may be used in the following ways:
Change the size of pictures and text to make them more or less noticeable.

The most effective technique to direct the viewer’s attention is to increase the size of the thing in question. The larger the text and images, the more noticeable they will be to the eye of the observer.

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