10 Outrageous Tech COURSERA Courses for 2022 | Salaries, Job Outlook, Job Titles

In this video, I will be going over Coursera courses to explore different fields in tech. You may find one that you like! You will gain more context about each field while watching.

Learn Cloud- https://bit.ly/2ZMSPE7
Learn Blockchain- https://bit.ly/3wa2zUM
Learn Google IT Support- https://bit.ly/3wdyGSe
Learn Google UX Design- https://bit.ly/2ZNyBuk
Learn GIS - https://bit.ly/3jZmMIk
Learn Data Analytics - https://bit.ly/2Tludz0
Learn Web Design - https://bit.ly/3EDRpe8
Learn Python - https://bit.ly/2RYQvpk
Learn Fintech - https://bit.ly/3nTaNgz

0:00- Intro
0:29- AWS
2:00- Blockchain
3:22- Google IT Support
4:19- Google UX Design
5:26- Geographic Information Science
6:27- Data Analytics
7:05- Web Design
7:55- Python
9:03- FiNTECH

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