10 Latest Web Development Trends and Predictions For 2022

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With changing user needs and preferences, web development trends are transforming every day. Based on how the digital world has evolved in recent years, we came to a conclusion that some current development trends will continue to rule the internet next year too. Check out this list of 10 latest web development trends and predictions for 2022 and never forget to leverage the new ways of conquering digital space.

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Use a dark interface to decorate a page
01:54 Flat is in
02:59 The use of distinctive fonts to emphasize headlines or essential info.
03:44 Applying animations in 3d
04:37 Color theory reimagined
05:30 Operation by voice control for contactless interaction
06:07 Using layering shadows and floating parts
06:56 Chatbots
07:54 Applying custom scrolling
08:30 Faster page load time

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