10 Career Paths in Computer Science Explained in 6 Minutes (With Skills Required)

In this video, we talk about 10 career paths for computer science students and graduates in 2021. There can be a lot of career options for CS (Computer Science) students these days. I have tried to cover most of them in this video and what are the skills required to get into these careers.

There can be multiple career options and career paths in computer science like Frontend Web Developer, Backend Web Developer, Full-Stack Web Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, Blockchain Engineer, Testing/QA Engineer. We discuss what skills are required to get into each of these career options.


00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Path 1
01:10 - Path 2
01:55 - Path 3
02:11 - Path 4
02:34 - Path 5
02:55 - Path 6
03:42 - Path 7
04:29 - Path 8
05:22 - Path 9
05:48 - Path 10

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