1 HTML CSS Frist Project | Html Css Project with Source Code| Expert Azi

1 HTML CSS Frist Project | Html Css Project with Source Code| Expert Azi


00:00:46 -About HTML
00:03:25 -About CSS
00:03:25 -About CSS
00:08:25 -Download Visual Code Studio
00:08:25 -Download Visual Code Studio
00:08:45 -Create Folder and Create File
00:08:45 -Create Folder and Create File
00:10:20 -Download Nececery Code
00:12:15 -Start Coding
00:14:42 -Start Frist Section
00:29:32 -Start About Us Section
00:29:32 -Start About Us Section
00:40:01 -Start Service Section
00:52:52 -Start Work Section
00:52:52 -Start Work Section
00:58:53 -Start Testimonial Section
01:03:46 -Start Contact From
01:11:31 -Start Footer
01:15:32 -Start Header
01:20:31 -Finish

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