#1 Build a Meditation App (Part 1). | UX/ UI tutorial #ui #ux #design

Today, I’ll show you how to build a meditation app. It could be a music player app too, the concept is the same. We are starting off with a meditation screen and skip any UI/UX before that. Otherwise, it’s going to be too long. We’ll make use of mock data to present the image, details such as duration, title and description. When the play button is tapped, it opens up the player screen and it automatically starts the music. Here, we can pause, play again, forward 10 seconds, rewind 10 seconds and loop the track. We can even move the timeline bar to play at the desired time. If you click on the stop button, the audio stops playing and we are led back to the previous screen. Another way to close the screen is to tap on the dismiss button.

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