How to become: Previous experience | Skills| Resources | Salary
Do you need a degree?

Points I covered:
What is UX
What is UI
Difference between both
Previous experience you need to have
The skill you need to have
Resources you can use to excel in your skills and knowledge
Salary expectations

If you want to become a UX and/or UI Designer then watch this video until the end.
It can be difficult to distinguish what are the responsibilities and the work of each role. I worked with many business people that would exchange both words as if they were the same thing. THEY ARE NOT.
They are similar in their nature but they focus on 2 different things.

UX - User Experiences. The art of solving problems - logic
UI - User Interface. The art of solving problems Visually - look and feel

Haven't said that they are different jobs, one person can perfectly do both things. I worked as UX UI Designer in the past, so you'll share a bit of my experience!
I also share my opinion regarding if you need a degree or not.

UX Design resources to get you started:
Design of everyday things
Start with why
Don't make me think

UI Design resources to get you started:

00:00 - What is UX & UI Designer
00:47 - UX Designer - What is
02:29 - UI Designer - What is
03:34 - UX vs UI Designer
05:56 - UX UI Designer - Previous Experience
6:26 - UX Designer - Skills
6:44 - UI Designer - Skills
07:13 - No degree Required
08:04 - UX Designer - Resources
08:34 - UI Designer - Resources
08:50 - UX UI Designer - Salary Expectations
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