In today's video tutorial, you'll learn how to encrypt your PDF with a password to keep sensitive data confidential. All in a simple, fast, effective, free and online method. No programs download is needed for this solution.

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You can restrict access to PDF files by setting passwords and restricting certain functions, such as printing and editing. However, you cannot prevent copies of PDF files from being saved. The same restrictions as the original PDF apply to the copy. There are two types of ciphers available:

Password to open the document A document open password (also known as a user password) requires the user to enter a password to open a PDF file. A permission password (also known as a master password) requires a password to change permission settings. Permission passwords allow you to restrict the printing, editing, and copying of content in PDF files. Recipients don't need a password to open the document in Reader or Acrobat. You need a password to change the restrictions you have set.

If the PDF file is protected with both types of passwords, it can be opened with either password. However, only authorized passwords to allow users to change restricted functions.

Open the PDF and select Tools Protect Encrypt Encrypt with Password. If prompted, click Yes to change the security. Select Require a password to open the document, and enter the password in the appropriate field. The Password Strength Meter evaluates your password and displays its strength with every keystroke. Select the Acrobat version from the Compatibility drop-down menu. Select the same or lower version as the recipient's version of Acrobat or Reader. The compatibility option you choose determines the type of encryption used. It is important to choose a version that is compatible with the recipient's version of Acrobat or Reader. For example, Acrobat 7 cannot open PDF files encrypted for Acrobat X and later.

Acrobat 6.0 and later (PDF 1.5) encrypts documents using 128-bit RC4. Acrobat 7.0 and later (PDF 1.6) encrypts documents using the AES encryption algorithm with a key size of 128 bits. Acrobat X and later (PDF 1.7) encrypts documents using 256-bit AES. To apply 256-bit AES encryption to documents created in Acrobat 8 and 9, select Acrobat X and later. Choose to encrypt all document content. Click OK. At the password confirmation prompt, enter the appropriate password in the field again and click OK.

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