Build a project in React JS that will get you a job as a front-end web developer. I want to give you an example of a project idea you can list on your portfolio if you are trying to get hired as a Jr. front-end web developer.

In this project follow along with me as I build a front-end Netflix clone with a Firebase back-end! We use the TMDB API for all of the data AND we will be using Firebase Authentication to give login functionality. We will be able to store user specific data with a React front-end and a Firebase back-end. We use Firestore which is cloud storage with Firebase to save data. The front-end is styled with Tailwind CSS - an incredible CSS framework to save time styling your apps. At the end of the build we deploy this LIVE with Firebase hosting. Thank you for watching!

Time Stamps
02:15 - Create react app
03:08 - Install Tailwind CSS
04:05 - Install project dependencies
07:40 - Navbar component
14:15 - React router dom
15:20 - Home component
15:40 - Main component
16:30 - TMDB API key
17:30 - API Request end points
36:15 - Row component
51:16 - Movie Component
54:18 - Scroll functionality
01:01:55 - Firebase setup
01:08:21 - Authentication
01:48:10 - Firestore database (save user data)
02:20:16 - Hosting & Deploy
Web design
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