Integrating Design in Large Corporations is an essential component in today's corporate landscape. Companies like Google, IBM, Spotify, Airbnb, Microsoft, and Uber have done an exemplary job in helping design navigate its way across a complex infrastructure that is primarily composed of engineering and business stakeholders. However, this is still a challenge for a lot of tech companies (primarily, older ones).

This talk will focus on the role of a designer (UX / UI / Research) working in a multi-disciplinary environment that includes Developers, Project Managers, Business Owners, Executives, Other Designers, and Product Owners.

Some of the key areas that this talk will focus on includes

1. How a designer can make their voice heard in a large-scale environment that is primarily composed of non-designers.
2. Effective ways to uncover pain points from different types of end-users when it comes to usability testing.
3. Ensuring compliance, and consistency across an entire ecosystem of products and services that use the same design system.
4. How a designer can grow within this type of large-scale environment.
5. The harsh realities of being a designer working on enterprise systems that largely consist of legacy users.

Pritish Sai is a UX designer at Verizon and a Startup Founder. With a background in Human-Computer Interaction, he is deeply passionate about using UX as a problem-solving tool primarily for enterprise systems and strongly believes in the integration of data, design, business, and tech.
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