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Answering questions from the comments & social media.

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0:06 - Intro
1:35 - Are you a self-taught developer?
3:11 - How can I make a resume without experience?
3:30 - Do you have any notes that you can leave a link to?
4:26 - What languages would you recommend learning for 2022?
6:23 - What's your name and where are you from?
6:34 - Could you guide me on how to search for web design roles?
8:52 - Why did you get out of your Email Development job?
9:39 - Is boot camp alone enough to get an HTML email development job?
11:02 - Can we be friends?
11:06 - Do I only need HTML and CSS for HTML email development?
13:52 - Can you create live HTML emails so we can learn how to do this?
15:03 - Where should I learn Email Development?
16:00 - Is Salesforce something I should learn in HTML Email Development?
16:28 - Can you share the general workflow as an Email Developer from planning to deployment?
18:34 - Reflection
Web design
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