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Google updated its advanced SEO documentation yesterday with the ability to inject canonical tags.

I know a few SEOs out there who love experimenting with canonical tags.

For more info on injecting canonicals, see the link below

Sam Oh published a video this week on SEO Tips that work. Let's check them out.


The tactic of having a blog and matching video to compliment is a strategy I've just implemented at my new gig.

Search "zero trust automation," and you'll see what I'm talking about

How to Resolve "Crawled But not Indexed" by Olga Zarzeczna


We love to EAT here on the SEO video show.

Creating your expertise, authoritativeness, and trust framework will get you ranking.

The five pieces of content created by Ryan Stewart


For those working on marketing teams at big companies,

developing content for a different part of the funnel and buyer's journey is how you can drive more pipeline.

Unlinked Brand Mention link building like a boss by Matt Digitty


This tactic doesn't just work for links.

If you want anything from someone, show value first.

Help them without asking what they need help in.

Bavo Matt on dropping this knowledge bomb.

Love it.

Do you know what else I love?

You guys and my special guest every week.

Without you, this show would not be possible.

Ok, before I introduce our guest today, here is a word from our sponsor.



Jesper has a master's degree in Physics.

In 2008 He founded his first company, computer people, that specialized in web design and SEO.

There he designed his own CMS and built more than 700 websites.

By 2020 he founded SEO Danmark after being inspired by Kyle Roof's lorem Ipsum tests.

Every day he tries to isolate the things that work in his SEO strategies.

Please welcome Jesper Nissen.

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