हिंदी में Python Django Tutorial | Python Hindi Django Course | Django web development in Hindi

This Video will make you stand up on your own in Django within 33 minutes , so you can consider it as Zero to Hero Django Hindi tutorial for web application development

These Django classes in Hindi are organized this way

00:00 शुरू करते हैं !
00:10 Django क्या है ?
00:25 Django के Folder Structure in detail
03:55 Django Project Explanation of this Video
04:53 Django Install , Setup and Deploy Server in Hindi
10:26 Django Admin functionality overview in Hindi
18:23 Creating Application in Django , Django Url Mapping in Hindi
24:48 Django HTML rendering explained हिंदी में
26:34 Sqllite Db Insert in Django overview in Hindi
33:11 समाप्त !

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