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Head-To-Head Comparison: Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder

Using WordPress with premium page builder plugins can put beautiful, professional, and dynamic websites right at your fingertips — regardless of your website development experience.

However, this brings in another problem: How do you choose the best tools for the job? When dealing with three highly popular and capable builder plugins like Beaver Builder , WPBakery , and Visual Composer , this question is particularly hard to answer. However, there are some important characteristics that can guide your decision. Secondly, these plugins are drastically different when it comes to pricing, licensing constraints, and the free templates and elements you get with them.

To give you a glimpse of what each WordPress plugin is about, I just quickly want to introduce each with a brief overview of their origins and main talking points:. Launched in , Beaver Builder has always been committed to making publishing on the web accessible to all.

It was founded by three friends, web developers, and active contributors to the WordPress ecosystem — so you know the brains behind Beaver Builder know what they are doing. Beaver Builder has already surpassed 1 million users, cementing its place as one of the most popular WordPress builders today. It has gained that popularity thanks to its superb technical support, no-nonsense approach to being a WordPress page builder, its compatibility with other WordPress plugins and themes, and its handy collection of add-ons.

WPBakery is easily one of the very first WordPress page builder tools and a pioneer in the field. WPBakery is still a feature-rich, beginner-friendly, and great value-for-money option for anyone that wants to build a WordPress website. WPBakery is also somewhat unique because they offer both a backend and frontend website builder, allowing you to choose your preferred page building technique.

That means it brings a lot of extra capabilities to the table to customize and manage the look and feel of your entire WordPress website with global and reusable tools. For the last number of years, there has been considerable confusion between WPBakery and Visual Composer. This was due to the original Visual Composer Page Builder being rebranded as WPBakery due to licensing issues with selling the product through the third-party Envato marketplace.

Subsequently, its creators came up with Visual Composer as a completely separate product — a fully-fledged website builder. The difference between these two will become clear over the course of the comparison. Despite that, Visual Composer is available at a range of price points, not only with a free version but with amazingly affordable premium packages as well.

With a robust set of features and capabilities, Beaver Builder is one of the stalwart WordPress page builders for a number of reasons:. As one of the first WordPress page builders still around, WPBakery has expanded with tonnes of features over the years:.

Visual Composer is a well-rounded website building tool that comes with everything you need to get started, and beyond:. In the top left, you can find another menu related to customizing the editing experience, such as changing to responsive editing mode, changing the brightness, adding custom code, etc. And, a contextual menu will pop up on the customization area if you select a module to customize.

WPBakery is similar in sophistication to that of Beaver Builder. Elements themselves can be edited and repositioned using the frontend drag-and-drop interface. The general and design options are relatively straightforward as you can see below:. The one downside to this builder is that whenever you save changes, the entire page needs to reload for them to apply.

This makes it a somewhat slow and cumbersome experience on occasion. Somewhat uniquely, WPBakery also provides a backend builder that looks like this:.

While most will prefer the frontend version for design, the backend version is somewhat easier to learn and focuses on helping you establish the layout for the page. The Visual Composer builder is an extremely powerful and refined builder compared to the previous two. It uses a left-hand menu with the main viewport structure.

Controls like adding elements, editing their contents and style, getting page-related insights, adjusting page-wide layout settings, or toggling between responsive editing options can all be done from the left-hand menu.

You can even reorient it to a top bar menu if you prefer. Some tools, like the spider padding, margin, and size customizer will be familiar to Beaver Builder users. Visual Composer also features a very useful Tree view built into the page builder. This allows you to quickly get an overview of and navigate your page using a tree-like hierarchy structure. You can even edit, delete, , duplicate, or use drag-and-drop to reposition elements straight from the tree view:.

On the other hand, page builders are primarily concerned with the page content areas that are specific to individual pages.

However, as feature-rich products, they do come with some website-building capabilities. It allows you to create custom layouts for posts, Woocommerce products , search and category pages, advanced post grids, and more. You can also build partial layouts like headers, footers, and sidebars to use throughout your site. This is useful as a blank framework that allows you to make wholesale changes to the look and feel of your entire website. WPBakery probably offers the least extensive features in this regard.

It does come with a built-in skin customizer that allows you to set site-wide colors and accents. With an Extended license, WPBakery can be integrated with any theme that might provide some of these abilities.

WPBakery also comes with an extensive developer API that can be used to extend its capabilities, but this is not out of the ordinary.

As a full-on website builder, Visual Composer has the most extensive features in this regard. You can create custom page layouts that can easily be reused throughout your WordPress website. Similarly, you can individually design reusable headers, footers, and sidebars.

In contrast with its predecessor, theme integration with Visual Composer is completely free and there is also a comprehensive API aimed at developers. Going even further, you can design element, block, and template presets which should greatly help speed up large websites with numerous pages. In terms of templates, you have around 25 content pages and 16 landing pages to choose from.

You also get a collection of roughly 30 content elements. The collection is simple but covers most of the basics, such as separators, tabs, and media players. Despite the simplicity of the selection, you do have a decent amount of freedom to customize Beaver Builder elements on the page.

WPBakery has a more significant library of templates with almost templates covering full pages. With many of the pages obviously meant to be used together, it is possible to put together an entire, consistently designed website only by importing page layouts.

Like Beaver Builder, the templates are not the greatest but are also not disappointing. This is a more robust collection that contains all the basics you need, such as FAQs, charts, Google Maps, social widgets, tabs, and grids for galleries and posts. Visual Composer comes with an absolutely massive amount of free content, especially in comparison to its two predecessors. The templates consist of full website templates, page templates, section templates, as well as headers and footers.

This means you can import them as you please to help build out your pages. These consist of content, dynamic WordPress, social media, WooCommerce , and a whole range of other elements. True to the power of the builder, they are all highly customizable and configurable. Simply put, few builders can beat Visual Composer when it comes to this aspect.

The three pricing plans look as follows:. All plans support unlimited sites which are great value for money. There is also a day money-back guarantee for all plans. Updates are free forever. However, you do only get limited site licenses which is an important consideration depending on how many websites you intend to build. Unfortunately, there is no free trial, plan, or version, although you can sign up for a demo here.

There is also a relatively short day trial period. Including the free plan, Visual Composer actually has 4 plans to choose from, conforming to the largest variety of budgets. Pricing is relatively affordable with great discounts for your first year and the cost is mostly based on your website licenses. Here are the available plans:.

Except for the very limited free plan, you can base your need for the other plans exclusively on how many licenses you need. This means that you can expect top-flight quality and consistency from your support interactions. Things look better when considering the self-help resources.

The knowledge base is incredibly extensive with a huge number of topics, even covering advanced topics such as building your own plugins. As you might expect from such a long-standing theme, there is a very active community behind it where you can get additional assistance on Facebook , Slack, and the official community forum. Although WPBakery is essentially a lifetime access plan, you only get premium support for the first 6 months.

The self-help resources are also pretty decent with around 50 WPBakery Video Academy Tutorials that also cover more technical subjects as well as a large number of written tutorials and guides. Visual Composer offers premium customer support via one-on-one ticket support from within your Visual Composer account dashboard or via email.

However, like the other two, there are no instant support channels like live chat or email available. Visual Composer also lacks somewhat of a community with no official forum, yet.

Visual Composer provides pretty comprehensive documentation that includes a lot of helpful video tutorials that can also be found on their official YouTube channel. You also have the option to upgrade Beaver Builder with add-ons to be similar in capabilities to a full website builder.

For a relatively low yearly price, you get a powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG builder plus full website-building capabilities with an incredible theme builder. The only concern is whether you can do without the unlimited website licenses that the other two builders provide. Regardless, Visual Composer is definitely the superior plugin in terms of raw customizing power as well as the massive amount of predesigned content you get to get your website up and running quickly.

So, what do you think? Do either of these 3 website-building tools stand out for your next WordPress website project? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search Search the site

Can I activate Bakery Page Builder to use their Premium Sliders?

As an extra treat, this add-on also gives you a custom shortcodes called Rank Progress which allows you to show your users progress from their current rank to the next! I bought this plug in but at that time I thought it was standalone. I wasted my Tokens on this and no one cares to respond for a refund or exchange. Support team is mute without compassion.

On July 27th, our Threat Intelligence team discovered a vulnerability in WPBakery, a WordPress plugin installed on over million sites.

WPBakery Page Builder not rendering shortcodes on WooCommerce Product Category pages

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. To use TheGem, you must be running WordPress 3. We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. NOTE: One regular license allows you to use TheGem on one localhost, one development and one final production website. Please check License Terms for naming rules about naming rules for localhost and development environments. TheGem comes in two versions. One version is for WPBakery page builder. The other one is for Elementor page builder. Depending on which page builder you prefer, please use the corresponding theme version. If you are not sure, which page builder to choose, we would recommend to choose Elementor, as this page builder is faster, easier and has more customization options.

License WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addon, Revolution Slider

woocommerce wpbakery license

When it comes to WordPress, one thing which contributes to the ease of use is several page builder plugins, and WPBakery is the most popular among all. It is a drag-and-drop page builder with a lot of incredible features. The plugin comes with more than 50 predefined layouts. The page builder allows you to create beautiful pages and posts in no time.

Visual Composer vs.

Getting started with WPBakery (WordPress page builder plugin)

Do you ever imagine that you can build your WordPress website content without writing any single code and wasting your time? Absolutely yes, you can feel free to create, edit and customize your page layouts with the WPBakery Page Builder. Why is this plugin so famous? The question when you find and really want to try this powerful plugin is: Can we use it for free? Unfortunately, there is no free trial version.

50+ Best WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Themes 2022 (Free & Premium)

Missing style. Updating errors. Installing GP Premium. Installing GeneratePress. How to add CSS. How to add PHP. I have just migrated our website from Maya Reloaded theme to GeneratePress and everything is working perfectly. I have a similar issue.

Where can I find license KEY for Ultimate Addons / WPBakery Page Builder client find and delete ultrasoft.solutionsnance file within the WordPress directory.

Vulnerability Exposes Over 4 Million Sites Using WPBakery

At present Jnews is the best popular WordPress theme. Use thousand of people Jnews WordPress Theme. With JNews, you can explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully functional website. Every people search best free WordPress themes.

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If so, how do I activate them? Only in case you want to get free premium support from its author, you can purchase it from Codecanyon. Thanks for your reply. If found the links and downloaded the latest versions of the two supplied plugins.

WPBakery Page Builder is the most popular WordPress page builder that powers over 2 million sites worldwide and one of the best-selling plugins in

WordPress Themes

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular builders out there. Today, we are going to compare the two most popular page builder on WordPress. We will see which is a better builder for all the designers out there. To identify this, we will see many factors that you should see. This will include pricing, interface, elements, etc. Thereafter, you will automatically know which is better and which one you should go with.

WordPress page builder plugin can turn your WordPress site pages and posts into an amazing looking website. These WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit, and customize your site layout without writing any code. Many WordPress beginners find it difficult to change or customize page layouts on their site. While today many premium WordPress themes come with different page layouts, those are often hard to customize.

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