How to change copyright info in joomla footer module

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After customization, you should turn it off. Group Submenu or not : You can group submenus of any menu item by selecting the menu item then enable option "Group.

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To enable default Bootstrap navigation, in the Navigation tab, enable option Collapse navigation for small screens. After all that, the Front-end Appearance will be like below:. We highly recommend you to disable this option if you use Off-canvas sidebar for navigation in small screens. The global settings are applied for all styles, themes, and layout, no matter the settings are changed in any styles. We recommend to use Chrome Developer Tool or Firebug when developing your site.

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You can put your custom style properties in alignment, margin, padding, font, color, background, and many more. Under this area, you can find different settings for defining button appearing animation style and hover animation styles as well. Under this area, you can find an empty textbox named class.

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Validations using ngMessages and Angular directives, Properties, attributes. The online code editor for web apps. Open the Products page and you can click on the Add New Product button. But it's not.

Look for the module named "footer" and simply click on the "enabled" check mark to turn it off. ss_footer_gif. That's it! The copyright notice is gone. New?

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I would like to center the copyright part. Right now it is on the right. I found on CSS the following code:. How could I change that color? I tried to modify in the CSS file here:. Well, I just found the place where change the hover color in the footer area. It is in the Main tab on Element color on hover. I wrote so could be useful for someone else! The thing about copyright information is that the footer area is divided into two separate block where one is used for footer menu and second one for copyright information.

How to Add a Footer to Joomla 3.0

how to change copyright info in joomla footer module

There is an unwritten law that web designers should put a copyright notice in the footer of the site they create. Unfortunately, according to recent changes, use of a copyright sign does not guarantee that your work is protected. However, there are still many websites on the Internet that have a copyright notice and provide basic info about them. Depending on your purpose, you can leave the notice as is, edit it to reflect whatever information you think is needed, or just remove it altogether.

Joomla is a great piece of software, and the developers are deserved allready full support for keeping it evolving. One of the easy methods are to keep those Powered by Joomla texts and messages in place, and visible.

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Joomla Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Joomla! It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. You can also modify the code directly by opening the file.. From what can be seen by Firebug at Cloudbase3 Template Demo site , it is obvious that copyright message in the footer is actually module with class branding , probably of type Custom HTML.

How to Edit a Footer in WordPress (4 Methods)

Joomla 3. Now after you initially install Joomla 3. Even if you install the Sample Data , the footer area is blank. So after about 30 minutes of playing around with the site and trying to figure out how to add a Footer , I finally figured it out. Very simply, you just need to create a new footer module and modify your site name in the Global Configuration. Overview of How to Add a Footer to the bottom of your Joomla 3. You can edit, hide, disable, show, enable, add new modules and more in the Module Manager. To add new content to pre-defined template module positions you must assign them to a module and a module position.

Select the Module of Type Footer (“This module shows the Joomla! copyright information.”) Give a Title; Select Position Footer; If necessary go.

How to edit CopyRight in Joomla?

After you have successfully installed the template as explained in the Installation Guide , we will start by setting RSCora! This feature allows you to customize and re-arrange the template positions. Reorder positions: By clicking on Reset to default button, your changes will be reset to the default arrangement.

This article is for Joomla 1. And, knowing how to do some template customization is an important Joomla skill to have. A frequent question on the Joomla forums is, "how to I change or remove the "footer" text on a template. It might be a "Template by " or "Powered by Joomla" or something like that.

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In the previous blog, we have already shown you the method to Customize Header with Cassiopeia without coding. Today, we would like to give you a great idea to help you change the footer background with Cassiopeia without coding. Just like editing the header, altering the footer background is also based on the Kickstart Cassiopeia module. After installing the module, we will start to change the color and the image for the footer now! You can easily customize the color background for your site footer with the color you like.

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