How to style emails html css

HTML email newsletters have come a long way since this article was first published back in HTML email is still a very successful communications medium for both publishers and readers. Coding an HTML email is a fun, practical problem for programmers to solve. Unlike coding a web page, HTML emails need to display well on old email software — think Outlook or Mac Mail, as well as adapt to phone and tablet screens. If you thought it was difficult to ensure the cross-browser compatibility of your web sites, be aware that this is a whole new game — each of these email software tools can display the same email in vastly different ways.

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Responsive Email CSS Inliner

While HTML structures the content and layout of the email, CSS inlining in email is used to style and format the content—like including link colors and headline fonts. There are three ways to include styles within an email: using external stylesheets, embedded styles, or inline styles.

Embedded styles are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise of mobile and associated popularity of responsive design techniques, but they do have their limitations. Inline styles are applied directly to HTML elements in each line of HTML—and are generally the safest way to ensure rendering compatibility across various email clients. However, inline styles can be time-consuming to write and a bit challenging to manage.

So which should you use? While most designers use a mix of embedded and inline styles, inline styles are essential. The styling in the body of your email will not display in clients like Gmail. Luckily, there are some solutions. There are a handful of online free tools that will automatically inline your CSS for you. After pasting your HTML into the tool it will regurgitate your code with all of your styles inlined.

While these tools are extremely handy and much faster than inlining by hand, they can still be time consuming. Have edits to your code? Be prepared to partake in the process all over again. If your emails are generated in the back end of an application, solutions exist for most server side languages and frameworks.

You can use task runners, like Grunt or Gulp , alongside an open source inliner, like Juice or Roadie , to inline your styles. The task runner and open source inliner combination eliminates the copying and pasting frustrations found in the online inlining tools, but they do come with some cons of their own.

Not only do you have to set up these processes, but they require dependencies on services like Node or Ruby, which can result in potential bugs and extra maintenance. With CSS Inlining in Builder, the process of inlining styles in email has now become easy, reliable, and enjoyable. With a simple toggle, embedded styles can be automatically inlined. Want more details about how it works? Check out our help documentation , or explainer video below:. Sign up today! See it in Litmus For Free!

Whether your team consists of one or , Litmus solutions are built to scale with you. Most Popular February 5, Leading FWD. How does your email really look? Start Now. See Plans and Pricing. Email marketing made better.

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A call to action button is an important element of an effective email. But how can we make sure everyone receives the button the way you want? People tend to use images, a rookie mistake because people can turn their images off. There are two major problems when creating a HTML button for email.

Forget loading external style-sheets or embedding CSS within the header, these approaches have limited support and many webmail services.

Enhance the Styling of your Emails with CSS

One year ago I entered the wild world of email. But then… tables! If this sounds familiar, welcome to the club! With the clarity of hindsight but also as someone still fairly new to this , here is the humble advice I would give to anyone new to email coding:. It contains six pages of tips for transitioning from web to email that will save you weeks of trial and error. Short answer: 15, possible renderings. Email can seem like a tangled mess, and you will deal with some crazy parameters. But once you learn to embrace the peculiarities, beautiful things begin to happen.

Email Template using HTML and CSS

how to style emails html css

You can even combine different widths! The de facto standard for HTML emails' width is pixels. But why is that? We have written two articles about it already. The first was published on this blog long, long ago; the second was published recently on chamaileon.

However, the email client does offer the option to insert HTML code into the message body and render the code into visual content that can be emailed to your Office Group or Google Group.


Fonts in HTML emails are known for causing troubles. You may use whatever fonts you like on your website, but the rules for using fonts in HTML emails are a little different. To guide you through the unknown, winding paths of the use of fonts in HTML emails, we have listed for you the most common problems you will face and the tools you will need to solve them. System fonts are those fonts that are already installed on your computer and all email clients have access to them and use them. That is because these 10 fonts are present by default on all PC and Mac computers.

Inline CSS font-type for email templates?

Maizzle empowers you with modern web development tools, enabling fast email prototyping while keeping your entire team on-brand. Who said CSS frameworks should only be used for websites? Forget about writing inline styles. Tailwind provides low-level utility classes that let you style emails much faster than writing inline CSS. Some projects are complex, so you can extract component classes from repeated utility patterns, if you really need to. Easily create or bring in your own email design system, keeping everyone in your team on-brand. No need to learn custom syntax or adapt your templates to it. Use your existing HTML, it'll just work.

Unfortunately, Outlook ignores this style tag, so inline styling should be used for your most important, structure-based CSS rules. A forum.

How to Send HTML Email in Gmail – 3 Easy Ways

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12 Best Free HTML Email Template Builders & Editors (Reviewed & Compared)

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The problem with creating HTML email templates 2. How to create HTML emails 3. HTML email best practices 4. Email marketing is critical to any digital business. If this layout was displayed on the web, we could do the exact same thing with this simplified version:. The difference is stark.

The benefit of doing so is that you can design email campaigns and then edit and send them directly inside Gmail , either as a campaign or just as part of regular email correspondence. Every extension you add to Gmail crowds the interface just a tad more.

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm designing an HTML template for an email newsletter. I've learned that many email clients ignore linked stylesheets, and many others including Gmail ignore CSS block declarations altogether. Are inline style attributes my only choice? What are the best practices for styling HTML emails? I've fought the HTML email battle before.

Magento 2. See Migrating custom email templates for more information. We strongly recommend you not change the default Magento files.

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