Change css drupal 8

File this one under the 'it's obvious, but only after you've done it' category—I needed to attach a CSS library to a view in Drupal 8 via a custom module so that, wherever the view displayed on the site, the custom CSS file from my module was attached. In my custom module custom. In this case, the library's name is the top-level element custom-view , so when I later want to attach this new library to a page, node, view, etc. Thank goodness for tests!

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Change css drupal 8

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Drupal 8 form styling

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to make CKEditor much more useful. To start, the Drupal core team has assembled a list of add-on modules that implement popular CKEditor plugins, which makes it very easy to add official CKEditor features to your site:.

Important: Most if not all of these modules do not include the actual plugin. You will need to go to ckeditor. When downloading a plugin, you will need the version that works with CKEditor 4. For future versions of Drupal, to determine what version of CKEditor you have, go to a page with the CKEditor editor visible, then open your browser's developer console and type:.

One thing you won't find in any of the lists above is a means of bringing back the extensive set of image properties available in CKEditor under Drupal 7, and there's a reason for this. The designers of Drupal 8 want you to upload properly sized images and let Drupal handle their placement, so that they can be as responsive as possible. That said, you're probably going to want a way to float images left and right.

Modify one of your text formats and look for the "Align images" checkbox under "Enabled Filters". The explanation for the option isn't very informative, but enabling it will enable options on the CKEditor image placement pop-up to left or right align float the image. You'll also want to enable "Caption images" directly below "Align images", as it provides a very useful feature for entering automatically positioned and formatted visible image captions.

Editor's Note: All current versions of Drupal 8 now support CKEditor's dynamic height feature, which automatically grows the height of the editor box based on the number of lines of text it contains. So, the following is no longer needed, but has been left here in case someone should still want to force the default height to be larger.

One feature lost in Drupal 8 is the ability to set the number of rows on a textarea field and have CKEditor expand to fill that space. However, you can still manually set the height of CKEditor, but you have to do it by creating a simple module.

We won't go into how to write a module here, as there are plenty of tutorials out there covering this basic topic. Once you have the skeleton of a bare bones module in place, add this function to it, replacing 'xxxxxx' with the machine name of your module:.

This will set your CKEditor window height to px tall. Just change to another value if you prefer the window to he taller or shorter. While it is not recommendable to add a font selection drop down on Georgia Tech sites, many content editors want to be able to make lines of text bigger, and if you don't give them a way to do it correctly, they'll make those lines headings, which creates accessibility problems. Once installed you can edit any of your text formats and add the ' S ' button for font ' S 'ize to the button bar.

However, if you want to be fully accessibility compliant, you should also change the available size list from point sizes to percentages. That can be done by creating another bare bones module see the Window Height section above and putting the following code into it:. Note: if you want to change both the font size menu and the window height, you can and should combine the code into a single function in a single module.

Just add the innermost assignment line from one of the code snippets to the other snippet. By default CKEditor uses a very basic set of CSS, so the text you create and edit won't look exactly like it will when displayed by your Drupal site's theme. To do this, you will need to be using a custom sub-theme. In your sub-theme's. YAML is very picky about spacing, so take care to get it right: it's two blank spaces no tabs allowed , then a dash, then one more space.

Of course, replace fonts. If you add this to a theme that is already active, be sure to flush all of your caches to get the change to take effect. Drupal Version. Drupal 8. Expanding CKEditor's Default Window Height Editor's Note: All current versions of Drupal 8 now support CKEditor's dynamic height feature, which automatically grows the height of the editor box based on the number of lines of text it contains.

Adding a Font Size Drop-Down While it is not recommendable to add a font selection drop down on Georgia Tech sites, many content editors want to be able to make lines of text bigger, and if you don't give them a way to do it correctly, they'll make those lines headings, which creates accessibility problems. Printer-friendly version.

Drupal 8 Themes

Every good Drupal theme needs a style sheet or two, or ten! You might be caught off guard by the sheer number of CSS files that Drupal loads, before you even start on your theme. CSS and JavaScript files are provided separately by module — and sometimes a few per module. This is done on purpose for the following reasons:. That said, in Drupal's theme layer you have full control over all style sheets and scripts. You can do whatever you want with them, literally.

One of the most prevalent tasks that developers do is refresh their browser/s after they've made some changes or use one of the available preprocessors to.

How can I directly edit HTML and CSS?

We are all familiar with Acquia Site Studio , a low-code tool for creating digital experience platforms. Note: The existing components which come with the UI kit can be edited as per project requirements. With all minimal files and folder, your new sub-theme fluffiness will look like the below screenshot,. Our Design experiments and success stories. Design Open Source Illustration System. Stay tuned to our Design Podcast Designwise. Kiran Kadam. CSS management e. Inside that new directory, create a.

A Style Guide Driven Development Workflow for Drupal 8

change css drupal 8

Anyway in future you might consider customizing the theme elements. Thanks to modular design and highly parametric SCSS, you can easily achieve it. Installed the Droopler distribution check our tutorials how to install Droopler on Cyberfolks , Linode server or Platform. You can use any structure you like. Just remember to include your files in style.

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How to change theme by Role in Drupal 8.x

Creating a Drupal theme may seem a worrisome task but you easily get through it once you come across the right resource. Drupal is an amazing open source Content Management System as well as a customizable platform to create anything from a personal blog to a corporate website. Drupal offers many native features. It is a preferred choice for developers and designers to create themes. A Drupal theme gives you an opportunity to come up with an SEO and mobile friendly website.

Setting up SASS & Compass for your Drupal 8 Theme

There are a ton of things you can override in your settings files, but knowing what to type can be a little tricky. A few examples are given in default. The examples are:. I use the first one pretty often to add something like " DEV " to the end of the site name to help me know which site I'm looking at. The other ones though, I probably wouldn't override in my settings file.

Add the CSS file as a library In Drupal 8, drupal_add_css(), drupal_add_js(), and drupal_add_library() were removed (for various reasons).

How to load JS and CSS libraries in a Drupal 8 controller

You will be responsible for updating and maintaining the theme. More specifically, after downloading the theme you will notice that the followed structure looks like the image. As you will notice, the theme comes with several predefined files: theme.

High Performance Drupal by Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, Nathaniel Catchpole

Content metadata menu settings, comment settings, publishing options, URL path parameters, publication information, etc. This has the advantage of giving immediate visibility on these options while writing its content. But there are use cases where the lateral position of this information is detrimental to the general ergonomics, because reducing the space available for the node form. This can be the case, for example, if you use the Field Group module to structure and group the information to be entered in the form of vertical tabs for example , and even more if you use the paragraphs also organized with the Field group module. For example, below our form has a place so small that it becomes difficult to exploit unless you have a inch screen. No need here for a Drupal expert.

In One of the project when i had been asked to display a custom error message to the User login page, when user tried with 3 or more failed attempt.

Step by Step process to create custom theme in Drupal 8

A popular front-end framework for building websites, Bootstrap ships pre-built CSS and JS components helping in building sites fast. A complete package that includes the important components such as a grid system, buttons, drop-down, responsive form elements, carousel, it saves your time spent on styling. Bootstrap Barrio is a sub-theme of the Bootstrap Theme. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and yet another powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap Barrio focuses on layout flexibility and customization using the theme parameters and the Skinr module. In Drupal 8 Barrio is the base theme. It simply integrates Drupal with Bootstrap 4.

Change CSS of grid view (Not just for a field) in Drupal 7

It's become very popular due to the way it speeds up your CSS development, makes your code easier to read and reuse. SASS files are just CSS files, but they support extra features such as nested rules, variables, mixins and selector inheritance. Here's what one looks like:.

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