Code up and down vote posts on wordpress

Comment threads are one of those things that look really simple when executed right. When designing them yourself, you may find that they are rather deceptively simple. There is a lot that goes into designing nice and usable comment threads, and in this article, I will try my best to walk you through the steps to building a comment thread, that is great to look at, and a joy to use. A good comment thread will have the following characteristics:.

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Code up and down vote posts on wordpress

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Looking in all posts with keywords "voting system, upvote, downvote", I can't find a satisfying solution for this issue, except accepting one of the available plugins, spend a lot of time undersanding it and try to modify its functionnalies so that they fit with the requirements. So, I am convinced in writing my own code to create a stack-exchange-like voting system for Wordpress.

Without your suggestions I cannot find the starting point for the main part of the skeleton of my code. My question is: How to resolve the second issue. Should I learn SQL to achieve my goal?

Yes, you can do this with built in functions. You've got a very broad question and a working solution would be a fair bit of work, but there a couple of ways to handle this with core functions that seem workable to me. You could do this with only the two fields you are already considering.

Instead of saving a counter, save an array of user ID s. To get a count, just count the user ID s. With one "upvoted" array and one "downvoted" array, you have what you need. This is not going to be a good solution if you need to query for votes.

That is, it won't work well if you need to find all the posts that a particular user has voted on. And it won't work well if you need to find all the votes for all the posts or for some large set of posts. It means double the database writes and double the reads but this would let you get "all posts voted on by a user" relatively easily.

But, as with the other solution, if you need to search that user meta data this isn't going to work well. Both options could have performance issues if the arrays get too large. The database column type is longtext , which will hold a lot of data, but the transfer processing time could become a problem. I think you should probably be able to use comment meta instead of post meta but I think post meta is a better fit.

If I were going to do this with core tables and functions I would lean toward the second option, but if I were seriously considering something like this I would very seriously consider a dedicated table that I could construct and index specifically for this task. That would be the most flexible and efficient way to do it, as far as the kind of queries you could run.

My actual approach : Create two custom fields: the first stores the number of post upvotes, and the second, the number of downvotes. Find a way to store in the database the voted posts by a specific user and the state of vote up, down or nothing. So that logged in users see if they already voted. Store everything in post meta. To tell a user if they've voted just check the array for the user ID. I can only think of the Wordpress Plugin: Wordpress Pods.

I was hoping to find an easier implementation. Plugins Plugin Development. Cookies Rating. Where Should i write the code for wordpress ajax voting? I am a newbe in wordpress theme development. Can anyone tell me where I should implement the code for any ajax functionalities say a voting system for posts?

Plugins Posts Functions. This is grea Wordpress Content Management System Media. Now it has options to create voting for specific categories like excluding option in it..

I am looking to do something like that for only specific posts. Like creating a poll on specific posts i choose. PHP Mysql Wordpress. PHP Ajax Wordpress. Please help! Voting System, database connections? Voting System in functions. Is there a StackExchange-like voting plugin for Wordpress? We use cookies to deliver the best possible experience on our website.

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WPMarmite has tested out 6 WordPress forum plugins, to help you easy to set up, and I liked the possibility for users to vote for posts.

Introducing WP ULike Pro: The Best WordPress Voting Plugin

You can see the final code we are working from in this repo , which is a TwentyTwenty child theme. By default, custom meta boxes will no longer show up when editing posts in WordPress. To enable them we have to go to the options panel in the editor settings. This will give us some different values to work with. We have to manually add them. Together, these look like the following, which you can add to your functions. We add a type and description and then a resolve function. So this is code you can use for other purposes in the future as needed. Now we can turn our attention back to our custom template code and pull in the custom meta box values.

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code up and down vote posts on wordpress

Do you want to run an online poll on your WordPress site? Polls are an interactive way to engage your audience, while getting useful information from them. In this article, we will show you how to easily create and add a poll in your WordPress website. There are plenty of WordPress plugins and online tools that allow you to embed polls on your WordPress site.

Written by HubSpot Staff.

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I need a free wordpress plugin that will allow the users to upvote or down vote every post. Something similar to stackoverflow. If not give me suggestions of how to create one. I am a java programmer and have never coded anything in PHP. GD Star Rating plugin is no longer in development was pretty comprehensive. If you are interested I can post some code quite some hacking into it, so i'll post it if there's some interest. Voting System, database connections? Basically I'm trying to make it so that all pending posts can be voted on if the user is logged in.

Visitors can choose to receive email notifications and follow-up comments. Yet, the heavy weight-plugin consists of much unnecessary code. It slows down.

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Please refer to a full tutorial on WordPress Development using PhpStorm to get an insight on how to get started with new features.


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